Residential Services at a glance

Our team deal with any type of domestic project requiring building regulations consent. Some of the more common types of project are covered below.

Ball and Berry Ltd deal with all types of domestic projects, from small houses to multi-million £ mansions and from low rise blocks of flats to high rise mixed use buildings containing dwellings. We deal with large developers and one off self-builders being aware of the specific requirements each development type demands.
Most people only undertake extensions to their dwellings once or twice in their lives and Ball and Berry Ltd can provide advice and guidance through the requirements of the Building Regulations. We cut through the challenges and red tape sometimes associated with ‘regulations’, providing a clear path to compliance. So whether you are building a new sun lounge, or carrying out a large extension and remodelling scheme, working with Ball and Berry Ltd should help avoid any nasty surprises.
A popular way of increasing space within many dwellings, loft conversions may at first seem straightforward, but can be amongst the most difficult domestic improvements in terms of the Building Regulations. Problems can arise from structural stability and fire safety, to thermal efficiency and avoiding condensation. Ball and Berry Ltd have many years’ experience in dealing with loft conversions of all shapes and sizes and in avoiding the problems they can present.
Often seen as a cost effective way of providing much needed extra space, garage conversions can trip up the unwary. From damp proofing to insulation, nobody wants to spend money and suffer from a damp, cold room. Ball and Berry Ltd know how to create a warm, dry space which can be enjoyed for years to come.

Residential Services

We are able to provide a complete Building Control service having authority to make all decisions on matters relating to Building Regulation approval, from early on in the design stage through to satisfactory completion on site, and we will provide the certification for it.

This is a brief overview of the stages involved in a typical Building Regulations application with Ball and Berry Ltd:

Ball and Berry Ltd are available to provide pre-submission advice and guidance free of charge
Confirmation of appointment can be by email or letter
Ball and Berry Ltd register the project with the local council through the submission of an Initial Notice. A copy of this along with an individually tailored service plan will be forwarded to the client
If submitted to us, we will carry out an assessment of the design and provide feedback on compliance with the Building Regulations
When necessary, we will consult with relevant statutory bodies such as the fire service or the water authority regarding building close to sewers
Subject to correct notification, Ball and Berry Ltd will carry out site inspections at critical stages of work. These stages will be highlighted in the service plan
The majority of projects will require certificates to be issued and provided to Ball and Berry Ltd at completion of work. Electrical certificates are required from your electrician for electrical work in kitchens for example
This will be issued upon satisfactory completion of work and provision of all necessary information. Don’t forget to request your final inspection when the works are approaching completion and ideally before your builder leaves site