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Guidance Notes

Description of works & the full postal address will be required to enable the Initial Notice to be processed and sent to the relevant Local Authority.

Once the Initial Notice is deposited with the Local Authority they will check the details of the notice within 5 working days.

Note: Initial Notices cannot be used for retrospective works or works which have already commenced and it is imperative that works should not be started prior to the Initial Notice being accepted by the Local Authority.

New Buildings & Extensions
Where a building or extension is being constructed a location plan will need to be included with the notice particulars (at a scale not less then 1:1250) showing the boundaries of the site and the approximate location of any proposed connection to an existing sewer.
Note: Electrical works must be undertaken by a Competent Electrician who is registered with an Approved Part P. Otherwise please contact Ball and Berry Ltd.

Where a building or extension is being constructed (within 3m of a sewer) a location plan will also be required to enable formal consultation with the statutory water authority.
Important Note: It is the responsibility of the person intending to carry out the work to carry out an investigation to determine the location of nearby sewers and furnish the Approved Inspector with this information prior to commencement of work on site.

The name and address of the person intending to carry out the work (homeowner or client) will need to appear on the Initial Notice (this is the person responsible for authorising or carrying out the works).
This Section must also be completed to enable BBL to invoice the person carrying out the work for the agreed fees.
The Initial Notice is a joint application signed by both the Approved Inspector and the person intending to carry out the work.
However, the person carrying out the work can agree to the Approved Inspector signing the Initial Notice on his / her behalf providing there is prior agreement.
The expected start date is important in ensuring enough time is available to process the Initial Notice (see Section 1 above).