On 1 October 2011 the ownership and maintenance of many private sewers and lateral drains, which were connected to the public sewerage system before 1 July, transferred to water and sewerage companies.

Ball and Berry Ltd have been working closely with United Utilities PLC (UU) as this has a major affect on developments which will now be built over or within close proximity of a public sewer where it was not before.

Ball and Berry Ltd have agreed a protocol with UU which will help our customers and should ensure that there is no hold up on site with construction (depending on the length, diameter, and depth of the sewer).

UU have provided us with access to their map of sewers and we will of course check the public sewer record when a new application is received. We will make our customer and agents aware if their development is to be built over or within 3m of a sewer which is shown on the record.

When work starts on site we will endeavour to ascertain if a transferred asset is affected by the proposals. Again, if the sewer is of a certain length, diameter, and depth Ball and Berry Ltd will be able to advise UU of this and construction will be able to proceed. In certain instances it will be necessary for UU to visit the site before construction can proceed.

Should you have any queries please contact UU direct :-

Kirty Lord – 01925 678302

Sue Lowe – 01925 678303

Please note that this protocol arrangement only currently relates to UU.

Should your development involve another water company then please contact the Ball and Berry Ltd office on 01772 702022.